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Rights of the Reader / The Book Whisperer

(Saw this picture on the librarian tumblr)
Recently, I read The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller which, if I remember correctly, is where I first saw this list.Every person should know they have these ‘reader rights’ and I believe every student should be allowed to have and use them.When reading is forced,
When reading is every single word on every single page, no exceptions,
When reading is not validated unless everything one starts is finished,
When reading is only for new information or ideas,
When reading is thoughtlessly assigned,
When reading is only for school,
only for quiet time,
only for memorizing,
only for practicing for tests,
then reading is not truly reading.

Reading should be fun, enjoyable, applicable, and relevant.  Readers need to know there’s more than one way, time, or place to read.  People deserve to pick their own books and read what interests them.  Knowledge for choosing books is enhanced when people share and give recommendations, when we learn to try reading something we wouldn’t typically.  In order to do so though, we need to know that because we have begun reading doesn’t mean we absolutely must finish.

I found myself enjoying The Book Whisperer as both a resource for my own personal reading life, and for my future teacher self.  That’s the beauty of it – it applies to all readers, and it’s all for reading being pleasurable again.

I know I’ve gotten caught up in the whole ‘college student reading so many texts for class that there’s no time for reading just for me’ feeling.  After a lot of moments of me missing the days of reading for no other reason than ‘I feel like it’ and after reading The Book Whisperer, I decided I need to make some time for it.  And so, instead of just watching Instant Netflix to relax after studying, I’ll spend some time reading the books I’ve been wanting to read.  It feels amazing to do so again.


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